Latest Video 

I have a series of painting videos on Youtube, for the beginner or

mid-career creator. I switch between watercolour and acrylic, on paper and canvas.

You can download original reference photos from this website, so that you can follow along!

Hunt through my "Thumbnail" views to find the video that you want. You can download the reference photo there.

I'm taking a break from making videos this month. I'm painting the Le Tour de France and uploading them to eBay. They are for sale by auction starting at $120. Click here to visit my eBay page.

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Due to my schedule I do not have time to create separate videos for Patreon, so I have cancelled my account with them. Some lovely supporters have reached out and asked for another way to make a donation, so I have set uo this PayPal option. I'm super grateful for any financial support, as it helps me make more videos and share the fun of painting!

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