Watch my videos, then grab your paints and follow along.

You'll be surprised how easy it is.

 PDF downloads are your free support material for the on-line lessons.


Mounting Paper onto Canvas
My own method of mounting my paintings so that I can hang them without a frame or glass.

I've been doing this for ten years, and the first paintings are as good as day one. So I can recommend it for everyone who loves to paint on paper.


Learn to Paint Acrylic

This video is mainly about blending. I paint a sky that goes from blue to pink, and then the harbour inlet that is reflecting. It is possible to achieve very smooth blends with affordable acrylic paint, as you will see as I work and talk!


Acrylic Painting on Paper
This is a long video! I have many issues to discuss as I paint. First it’s about using basic materials that are not expensive. Then I show how to paint in “watercolour” style on paper, using acrylic paint. I demonstrate how to fix mistakes (which I do all the time! ) And how to iron the painting flat!

AcrylicPainting-Lesson 20.jpg

Acrylic Painting
This painting is on a large canvas, using a large brush. Which makes it easier than doing a small work.

I also demonstrate how you can squeeze all your paints into a divided plastic box. This method gives you more freedom to paint with whatever colours you want. They don't dry out!

Lesson 37 Acrylic Distant Hills Close Gr

Distant Hill 

Close Grass

A peaceful, relaxing view into the distance! I use acrylics on canvas, and a wide brush, for this step by step real time painting demonstration. Download the photo and follow along, and produce your own version of this simple landscape.


Backyard Dam 1, 2, 3.

3 VIDEOS: Painting a modern landscape in acrylic on canvas. Step-by-step demonstration in real time, with commentary. A dam, some trees, and green ferns.

Lesson 39 BoodereeNatPark-1.jpg

Booderee Botanic Garden 1, 2, 3.


The subject matter is the Booderee Botanic Gardens in Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia. It is pristine! And the beaches are amazing. (Google “Green Patch” for camping.)

FIRST VIDEO OUT NOW: CLICK ON THE PAINTING. Painting my dam, in rain,  using acrylic on canvas. Step-by-step demonstration in real time, with commentary.

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