Watch my videos, then grab your paints and follow along. You'll be surprised how easy it is.  PDF downloads are your free support material for the on-line lessons.

Lesson 2 Thumbnail.jpg
Lesson 3 Thumbnail.jpg
Lesson 4 Busy 2.jpg

Click on poster to go to Youtube

LESSON 5-1.jpg
Lesson 6 Sydney Harbour in Watercolour.j
Lesson 8 Beach Scene.jpg
Lesson 9 Sunday Afternoon in
Lesson 10 Thumbnail.jpg
Lesson 11 Thumbnail.jpg
Lesson 13 AnAussieChristmasCard.jpg
Lesson 14 Learn to Paint A Beach.jpg
Lesson 15 Amsterdam the Boat.jpg
2 Snow Scene Watercolour.jpg
Lesson 27 youCanPaint copy.jpg
Lesson 32 Sunny Hallstatt copy.jpg

Duck Pond in Summer

Old Bridge Vineyard

Lesson 33 A Country Landscape.jpg

The House in the Hills

SalzburgThumb copy.jpg
A French Cottage Thumbnail.jpg
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