Watch my videos, then grab your paints and follow along. You'll be surprised how easy it is.  PDF downloads are your free support material for the on-line lessons.

Lesson 2 Thumbnail.jpg

How to prepare a palette for watercolour painting.
Only 3 minutes, easy to watch. The list of my new colours is below the video on Youtube.


My FIRST video! Start here if you are new to 


Lesson 3 Thumbnail.jpg

Real time painting. A landscape watercolor for beginners.
This landscape tutorial demonstrates how a complex photograph can become a simple painting. 

Lesson 4 Busy 2.jpg

Join me in sketching and painting a street scene from Marseilles in France.  

I show how a complex photograph can be reproduced in loose watercolor. 

The video is both real time and fast-forward. 

Click on poster to go to Youtube

LESSON 5-1.jpg

This townscape painting demonstrates how a complex scene can be painted using tonal washes, from light to dark, with details added at the end.

Sydney in the Rain

I love this scene, as it has a simple structure, simple colour choices, and a large area of harbour to make doing a “wash” possible. I hope you enjoy watching me paint it.

Lesson 6 Sydney Harbour in Watercolour.j
Lesson 7 Thumbnal.jpg

 Learn to Paint a Seascape did not have a reference photo.

It is a simple way to make greeting cards, but with the added element of comparing papers.

Gems on the Beach

This is a lovely beach on the South Coast of NSW, and I enjoy painting the teal green waters. This video shows the painting in real time: over an hour.

Lesson 8 Beach Scene.jpg

Sunday Afternoon in Prague

Walking through Prague on our last European holiday,

This video is very long. It will show that watercolours take hours to make them look like they were painted in minutes.

Lesson 9 Sunday Afternoon in

Tree at Macquarie Woods


This landscape looks messy and complicated, but it can be simplified by leaving out detail. I'll show you what to include, and what to ignore.

Lesson 10 Thumbnail.jpg

The Sly Fox: an Aussie pub in Sydney, Australia.

The glow in the sky is from the sunset through the smoke, that is coming from the bushfires north of Sydney.

Lesson 11 Thumbnail.jpg

Make your own Christmas Trees! A sophisticated design using three trees, and minimal trim!!

Play with colours and textures to achieve a fine art look!

Lesson 12 - Christmas Cards.jpg

A simple tree in Megalong Valley was inspiration for this video. 

Download the photo to use as a reference, and watch me paint it on Youtube.

Lesson 13 AnAussieChristmasCard.jpg
Lesson 15 Amsterdam the Boat.jpg

I was inspired to create a traditional scene using the dramatic sky and story telling technique of Willem Velde the Younger.


You can recreate classic paintings as a practice, or choose your own reference to “invent” the sea, storm, calm, etc background for this ship.

Lesson 27 youCanPaint copy.jpg

Rothenburg is a German town in northern Bavaria known for its medieval architecture.


It is a classic painting subject, for good reason!


Lots of overlapping shapes, challenging angles and infinite detail.

I love to visit empty beaches in winter. Just a few people, the occasional dog, and lots of seagulls. The sand is untrodden and smooth, and the waves uninterrupted by swimming crowds. 

In this painting, I share my method for achieving transparency in the water, and finding colour in the greyest areas.

Lesson 14 Learn to Paint A Beach.jpg

In this painting tutorial, I demonstrate how watercolour can be applied very wet and manipulated to create the effect of distant snowy hills.

I think this painting is a "beginner level", yet advanced painters should enjoy it as well. It's just fun to splash paint over the page, and leave the fiddly bits to last!

2 Snow Scene Watercolour.jpg

Hallstatt, Austria, is a fairy tale village situated on the side of a lake. It is a popular tourist destination, although when we visited it was almost deserted. It was a bucket list item for us, and now I've had a chance to paint this classic view, I'd like to share the experience with you.

Lesson 32 Sunny Hallstatt copy.jpg

Hallstatt village. A sunny view looking down a street.

You can download the sketch, or trace the original photo.

Or have a go at the free hand drawing, starting in the centre. 

Lesson 33 A Country Landscape.jpg

A loose painting that doesn't require a sketch to start.

My hint is to wet your paints the day before, so that you can apply strong colours. These are easy to scrape back. Light, thin colours are too hard to manipulate.

Duck Pond in Summer

A French Cottage Thumbnail.jpg

The House in the Hills

Old Bridge Vineyard

SalzburgThumb copy.jpg
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