Watch my videos, then grab your paints and follow along.

You'll be surprised how easy it is.

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I love plein air painting! This is an easy beginners creative style watercolour that anyone can master! A real time demonstration with commentary, where I discuss what paints I'm choosing, and why. You can see the 'wetness' of the paper, and how the paints run and merge as the painting dries. I'm using watercolours, but you can do exactly the same with acrylics! Use a big brush, and work on paper.


I battle the elements with this watercolour. I was perched on a sloping patch of prickly weed, and the tide was incoming, which meant half my rocks might have become inundated. Luckily I was able to do a quick painting, and I like the sketchy feel of this “ugly duckling” scene.


Plein Air in the Wind!!

I'm nearly blown away in this video!

I had difficulties with getting the right angle with the camera, and the top of my head becomes the main feature too many times! But if you can forgive that, it's a good painting in the end. One of my favourites.


St Helens in Tasmania! A great spot for plain air painting!

Watch this video and feel the warm air!! It was a perfect day to be outside: the next day was pouring and cold, so I was lucky!

Download the photo, and have a go at painting this scene. Apologies in advance for not having the exact view! I didn't take a shot when I arrived! My bad!

Plein Air 5.jpg

Plein air watercolor painting at the Wooden Boat Centre, Franklin, Tasmania.

These boats are beautiful, but not so easy to paint. In fact, I don’t recommend this for beginners, unless you like a challenge!  ;-) Go on!

Plein Air 6 copy.jpg

I often paint acrylics on paper: sort of a mix of watercolour technique with traditional painting. It’s a halfway position which gives me freedom to be creative. It is very forgiving, as one can re-paint sections. This video has the usual hiccups: camera fail, I fail! I used voice over in the middle to avoid having to dump this video. I hope that’s OK with you all.

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